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About Us

A New Beginning…For some, this means starting over. Sometimes it means stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance. Sometimes it means leaving everything and everyone you know and love behind. For the four guys of SoulVent, a new beginning means a fresh start…A new opportunity. A chance to return to the no holds barred type of rock music they grew up on, where they were able to escape the chaos around them and find peace in the music within them. Influenced heavily by rock and metal with a melodic twist, SoulVent is playing music of their soul and on their own terms. Blurring the lines of rock and classical, SoulVent has made a style truly all their own.

With an abundance of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from classical to blues to metal and hardcore the band SoulVent shows no limitations with their writing ability and style. SoulVent is breaking the mold of today’s rock, by staying true to themselves and not compromising. With a wide range of musical influences by bands such as Tool, Deftones, Alice in Chains and Nirvana, as well as Rush, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the band mixes rock and metal together seamlessly with music created by the energies within an intensely emotional heart and soul, and lyrics that are intelligent and passionate with a definite social conscience. This is what sets this band apart.

After spending countless hours in the studio, SoulVent is putting the finishing touches on some long awaited material and they will be releasing it independently as a testament to all their hard work over the years. Prior to the CD’s release the band is planning on playing shows, while also searching for a label to call home. So be ready and gear up for the melodic rock onslaught to begin!!

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